MotioninJoy – Download & Install MontioninJoy For Windows PC

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PS3 users who occasionally want to play games on their Pc can use MotioninJoy. This is an application that lets you use PS3 controller on your PC. The app is free to download makes you very comfortable by allowing the gameplay from your PC. Many people want to try something new and want a change from their regular playing on PS3. This is a good application for such people to help people who want to play their PS games on their PC. To achieve this all you need to have is a USB cable, PS3 controllers and this software program installed on your PC.

The installation process is very easy and can be completed in less than 2 minutes. You can get this software from its official website and install the attest version on your device. The app supports all version of Windows such as 7/8/10 etc. the latest version of this software is v0.7.1001 and is completely free to use. Just download the program and connect your PS3 controller. That’s it you will be ready to play the thrilling pS3 game on your PC. MotionInJoy comes with an auto-update feature. It will automatically update whenever your device gets connected to an internet.

Download MotioninJoy For Windows PC 2018 (FREE)

Download MotionInJoy

Download MotionInJoy

Features of MotioninJoy

This is a software that is designed to help PS3 users to try a different gameplay experience from their PC. There was a condition before that PS3 games can only be used in PS3. This concept is changing slowly, and the new changes made the process of playing game easy from your PC. Here are some excellent features of this amazing software

PS3 experience on PC – Are you looking to get a different gameplay experience? Then download MotioninJoy on your PC and connect your PS3 with it. For this you can also install the PS3 Emulator for Windows PC.

Easy to set up – The app is very easy to install and operate. You can complete the set up within 2 minutes. To operate this app and install it you don’t need to have a great technical knowledge too.

Free – The app is completely free to download. The developers of this app want to provide a better user experience. So, they are offering it for free

Good compatibility – The app is well-compatible with almost all versions of Windows. Their latest update made the compatibility of the program with Windows 10 possible.

Bluetooth connection – MotioninJoy allows you to connect your PS3 with PC using Bluetooth

Frequent updates – The app is designed to make all updates automatically. You will get all latest updates and bug fixes for free from the developers

Ad-free experience – MotioninJoy is an app designed to make users happy. So, they don’t include any annoying pop-ups or advertisements while using this app

Small size – The app is not too large. It is a small application and won’t consume much of your device space.

Simple to use – This app is simply designed to enable users to play their PS3 game from PC by connecting the controllers. Anyone can use it without much complication.

How To Install MotionInJoy For Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1 & 10

MotioninJoy is a safe application to use if you want to get the experience of playing PS3 games on your PC. The process of installation is very simple like any other app. While choosing the source of installation you need to be careful because there are many sources that can pollute your device with malware.   Choose the official website of the app as your download source. Follow the steps as given below to complete the installation process



  • Download the software from the link above.
  • Unzip/open the file and extract the all.exe file using an extracting tool
  • Now the installation process will get started. You can go forward with installation and if it asks for any permissions click on Ok/accept/Next button.
  • After completing the process of installation, you can use the app to play your PS3 game on the Windows operating system
  • Sometimes the installation process can be a bit long. You need to wait until the whole process gets completed.

Now start playing your PS3 games from your PC without any issues and enjoy your game.

Few Screenshots Of MotionInJoy Application



MotionInJoy For PC

MotionInJoy For PC

FAQs related to MotioninJoy

How much to pay to get MotioninJoy?

MotioninJoy is a free app that lets you download and install the software on your device without paying anything

Which are the Play station controllers compatible with MotioninJoy?

This app supports many emulation type controllers like Xbox, DS1, DS2, DS3, Custom etc.

Does the app support advertisements?

The app will not support any annoying advertisements in order to offer a better user experience.

How long will it take to complete the Installation process?

MotioninJoy is an app that can be installed very fast. It won’t take more than 2 minutes to complete the installation.

What to do if the software is not working on my laptop?

You can try to run the program by copying the folder from other PC where drivers are installed. Them paste the file into Program files>MotioninJoy>>ds3. Now it will work well.

Does it work with Bluetooth?

Motion in Joy will work well by connecting through Bluetooth as well as a USB. You can connect PS3 with your PC using any of the two options

Final words

It is a good software for PS3 users. Sometimes they want to try playing it using their PC. Most games are inaccessible using PCs. So, all you can do is to download such apps or any emulators that can help you to do this. MotioninJoy falls under such category of app that acts as an emulator to play PS3 games by connecting your controllers through USB cable.

Make sure to get the app before trying to play PS3 game from your PC. Motion in Joy promises you to give a better PS3 game playing experience on your PC.